Thanks to the production cycles perfected with time and experience we are able to obtain various products of the highest quality and genuineness.

Selection of nuts suppliers chosen from the best companies in the world, scrupulous controls throughout the production process to obtain excellent products

Production of precious chocolates starting from the roasting of the best cocoa beans: Bean to bar / Bean to chocolate

All the world of cocoa at 360 degrees! Flours, grains, impalpable powders and butter obtained from the transformation of the most precious cocoa

Production of high quality creams characterized by incredible versatility of use

From the decennial experience in the processing of chocolate and hazelnut, an exquisite line dedicated to retail is born


CREA is one of the most important Italian companies for the processing of hazelnuts, dried fruit, cocoa derivatives and chocolate production.
We develop customization projects from the recipe to private label packaging.

Ice cream

We work the best dried fruit and the finest cocoa beans to create the true natural ice cream. Our ice cream recipes use only carefully selected and selected raw materials, such as fresh seasonal fruit, Tonda Gentile Trilobata Piedmont hazelnuts, single origin cocoa.


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From 31 May to 1 June 2022


CREA adheres to the most prestigious food safety standards recognized in Europe and in the rest of the world. The application of these standards is a recognized guarantee tool of business reliability, whose main purpose is to strengthen and promote food safety throughout the supply chain. CREA is also attentive to the demands of non-European markets characterized by particular food requirements related to the cultural and religious sphere; it also adheres to developed standards in order to protect workers’ rights in developing countries.