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azienda crea srl

CREA is an Italian company that was founded in 1978. We import high-quality raw materials from which we produce semifinished dried fruit products as well as products derived from cocoa and fine chocolates.

Our deep knowledge in choosing raw materials and our long experience in processing them, combined with the flexibility of a carefully controlled production cycle, make CREA a unique company in its field.
Our products are natural ingredients used to make ice cream, the Italian Christmas “panettone” cake, chocolates, biscuits, pastries and all confectionary products, both industrial and handmade.
We choose suppliers of dried fruit by selecting the best companies in the industry worldwide and our choice is based on accurate quality and reliability.

Our meticulous supervision of the entire production chain and the flexibility of our manufacturing process are just a few of the winning elements of our company’s strategy which is based on quality, safety and maximum customer satisfaction.

We do the same in order to produce the finest chocolate drops and cocoa mass: beginning with the painstaking selection of beans directly from their place of origin, followed by the meticulous supervision of the roasting process in order to enhance their various organoleptic characteristics. Due to this careful approach in choosing our ingredients, CREA has innovated and experimented their production of finest quality chocolate bars.

We like telling those who appreciate the very finest things in life the origin and story behind our specialties. They started off as the union of one of the most precious hazelnuts of our region, the gentle round delicate-flavoured hazelnut from the Langhe region, combined with the finest cocoa beans from the world’s best production areas in order to produce the most delicious varieties of chocolate. Our professional line focuses on four points:

  • Continuous investments in technology and production processes: as evidenced by the new state-of-the-art facility site in Cervasca (Cuneo). Built on a production area of 12.000 mq and equipped with the most current production and traceability technologies, the production department can well manage allergens and any special production, minimizing the cross-contamination (milk/dark, biological/conventional, different dry fruit types, peanuts dedicated production area).
  • Technological Independence: own production of the semi-finished cocoa, bean to chocolate and dry fruits in order to check each working step and offer articulated products.
  • Spontaneous testing and monitoring: continue chemical, physical, microbiological, organoleptic and sanitary checks to ensure food safety, organoleptic quality and environmental safety.
  • Maximum Compliance with the most stringent international standards: environmental, production process and personnel controls.




Since 2016 we have established a solid partnership with Forma Trading thanks to the presence of their process plants in our factory and the use of our raw materials as a starting point for the products of the LiCap range.
LiCap is an innovative technology that allows to pulverize products, such as chocolate, cocoa butter, nuts etc. containing a high percentage of fats and which would not otherwise be pulverized using the traditional spray procedure. LiCap works cold, therefore without the stress of heat, and allows to keep intact the organoleptic qualities of the product and to obtain a highly soluble powder that easily dissolves in any type of liquid, fluid or dough.
Chocolate: LiCap chocolates are produced by the sprayzation of pure melted chocolate instead of reconstituted ingredients, for this reason it can be declared as chocolate and the final product doesn’t have the simple cocoa taste but releases the true chocolate flavour.
Nuts: Also these ingredients are produced with LiCap technology. These powders contain pure nut pastes supported on carrier



The term “organic production” refers to a cultivation method that only allows the use of natural ingredients or substances present in nature. Synthetic and chemical substances (fertilizers, herbicides, insecticides) cannot be used.
Organic agriculture means developing a production model that avoids the excessive exploitation of natural resources using soil, water and air within a sustainable development model that can last over time. This implies paying special attention to issues such as health and hygiene safety, nutritional content and organoleptic quality. With our organic products, you can always be sure of what you are eating.