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Our machinery, perfected after years of experience, are technically advanced and meticulously tracks the temperature, quantity and processing speed data set and are continuously monitored by specialized operators. The roasting is carried in tunnels or in rotational ovens in order to always ensure the best results depending on the specific requests received.
The structure is completely made of stainless steel.
It has an internal conveyor belt suitable for the product and the processing is carried out by air in three different phases: drying, roasting and cooling to ensure the best thermal treatment. The electronic supervision and automatic recording of all operational settings allow us to achieve maximum versatility and improve the quality of the final product.


The use of grains in bakeries and ice cream shops has become an absolute must. We guarantee a product with minimal dried fruit dust content and total air removal of the skin by separating and cleaning the different grains produced with the use of vibrating sieving grids. The grain calibrated is available in different cuts. Furthermore, flour or extra-fine flour are also available.


Grinding and refining for the continuous production of toasted dried fruit paste, with a variable degree of refining content depending on the customers’ needs and with a low temperature work cycle, is the process to preserve the organoleptic characteristics of the products.
The paste achieved is therefore fluid and homogeneous (<30 μm), perfect for adding taste to different products. The product is tasty and incredibly smooth.


Food packaging is of crucial importance for an industrial food product is foundamental for four main aspects: restrain, storage, marketing and transportation. The products packaged by CREA comply with all the existing packaging regulations and ensure the healthiness and safety of our items.