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cioccolato latte

Milk Chocolate

We offer our customers a wide range of flavours also for milk chocolate. For example we can provide a more pronounced cocoa flavour, or a mild and creamy taste with hintes of caramel.
We can provide different levels of fluidity even for milk chocolate.
This way we are able to meet the demands of the most demanding palates. CREA’s milk chocolate is made of cocoa mass produced by us, sugar, powdered milk, deodorized cocoa butter, lecithin and natural vanilla. The accuracy and constant monitoring of the entire production cycle allows us to create a versatile chocolate that you can adapt for any use and for any type of production. Our chocolate is suitable and reliable for any usage due to its flexibility and adaptability in flavour.
Crea’s milk chocolate can be supplied as a liquid, in little heated steel tanks, or in solid pods.