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Dark Chocolate tablet

The aroma of each kind of chocolate captivates the senses, evoking the fragrances of the lands from where it originates.
It has a fruity and persistent aromatic bouquet, sweet and full, depending on the cocoa’s origin.
Ours is a selection of chocolate that engages in a truly unique way. CREA’s line of chocolate tablets is special due to our research into the origins of the cocoa. We use this research to bring out the individual aromatic and organoleptic characteristics of each bean to satisfy every palate. Our dark chocolate is a tablet with a higher percentage of cocoa that is very appreciated by consumers: 72%-74% fine cocoa single origin in a proportion that can also be modified and customized on request. With an intense and full flavor, it is the result of a long and careful process that wins you over with its strong and aromatic nature.
Classic line for dark 60% and extra dark , time taste that satisfies all palates.