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White Chocolate

CREA’s white chocolate is created by carefully selecting every single ingredient from sugar to deodorized cocoa butter, dried milk of the highest quality, lecithin and a touch of natural vanilla. Each customer can count on a wide range of flavours to choose from ranging from very creamy or distinctly stylish. Just like all the other CREA chocolate types, white chocolate has varying degrees of fluidity and we can customize its recipes according to the needs of each customer. CREA has developed a special white chocolate recipe, thanks to a careful study and selection of ingredients.
This recipe is obtained thanks to the careful blending of traditional ingredients of white chocolate with the wise addition of powdered cream.
This way we are able to make a white chocolate that tastes even more velvety and creamy.
CREA’s white chocolate can be supplied as a liquid, in little heated steel tanks, or in solid pods.